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Discover the ‘Buyer 2.0: Professional Manager in Fashion Activities’ Master

I have admittedly been silent over the past few months on this platform. Yet it was for a good reason, as I have been busy dividing my time across film marketing, copywriting and, most of all, contributing to a brand new exciting project across fashion, communications and media, which I am going to tell you about.

The “Buyer 2.0: Professional Manager in Fashion Activities” Master was born out of the collaboration between the renowned trade fashion publisher Nuova Libra Editrice and the higher education institute Unicollege. The initiative takes place in Milan, universally known as one of the capitals of fashion, at Adiuva’s local offices close to Cadorna railway station. It received financial support from Regione Lombardia, as well as the guidance of Cav. Mario Boselli, honorary President of The National Chamber for Italian Fashion.

“Buyer 2.0: Professional Manager in Fashion Activities” Master.

As Dr. Marta Martina, the Director of the Master, recalls, the idea behind the project is “to equip current and prospect fashion buyers with not only the basic skills they will need in order to successfully operate in the fashion sector (such as negotiation, contracts, market analysis and the study of textiles), but also to make them aware of the wider mechanisms of mediatisation, communication and consumption that impact the fashion system in the digital and social media age.” This is why the teaching team includes a variety of scholars coming from backgrounds as diverse as Media Studies, Sociology, Communications and IT, welcoming many designers as guest speakers.

And so I am running the “Marketing Basics and Distribution” module, introducing students and professionals to the basic elements of marketing, communications, branding and digital media for the fashion industry. The course also explores the role of the audience in the co-creation and funding of fashion projects, covers general elements of the distribution system and considers state-of-the-art case studies in branded entertainment, fashion films, transmedia, retail and omnichannel experiences. I am therefore blending my background in audiovisual content and communications, to my practical experience gained working on projects for apparel, sportswear, clothing and footwear brands.

Credits: Will H. McMahan via Unsplash
Credits: Will H. McMahan via

While the teaching part of the first edition is almost finished, and students are being advised on their internships before committing to the final paper, the team is already gearing up for the next edition, which will run from September 2018 to March 2019. More details will be announced shortly during the official press conference, but those of you who can read Italian will find something more on the program here. Also, news from the previous press conference held back in September can be read online in magazines such as Fashion Illustrated, Book for Buyers and Fashion Magazine.

We all are looking forward to welcoming the next group of students.