18th April 2014


Nicolò Gallio

Welcome to my online headquarters. If you are here, you probably share my interest for one or all the areas I have been delving into for over a decade now: cinema, digital media and marketing.

As a Ph.D. in Film Studies I have been focusing particularly on audio-visual narratives shaped by digital environments and promoted through cutting-edge engagement strategies.

I am both a fan and a professional working across a wide range of cultural and creative industries, online and offline media outlets. Over the past 10 years I have had the chance to be involved in projects developed by universities, film festivals, brands, newspapers, magazines, communication agencies and startups.

As a freelancer, I provide a range of services across cultural and creative industries, including:

  • Intelligence in the form of market research, qualitative analysis, benchmarking, brand reputation, monitoring, creation of reports
  • Content Marketing
  • Writing, copywriting, blogging, editing and localization of content
  • Consultancy for the audio-visual industry in the form of masterclasses, workshops, seminars, talks, lectures, one-to-ones
  • Analysis of scripts for films and TV series to identify potential target audiences and creative ideas to engage them
  • Audience Design (in collaboration with TorinoFilmLab)
  • PR/Media Relations.

As an academic, my main research interests are related to cinema and digital media, marketing and audiences, transmedia storytelling, branded entertainment, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, fandom. An updated list of publications is available here.

Here are some of the clients I have worked for over the years:If you want to know more about what I do and what my interests are, have a look at the “Blog” section of the website. For collaboration proposals, drop me an email at info@nicologallio.com.

Make yourself at home.

Nicolò Gallio


Home page picture by Matthew Brodeur on Unsplash (taken at Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Denver, United States). Art: Rubén Méndez, “Mother” (2001, neon).