About Me

A “when Zen meets rock’n’roll” kind of guy 

Hi, I’m Nicolò Gallio. Welcome to my online headquarters. Over the past 10 years I have worked across a wide range of cultural and creative industries, as well as online and offline media outlets. I have been lucky to be involved in projects developed by universities, film festivals, brands, newspapers, magazines, communication agencies and startups.

As a Ph.D. in Film Studies I have focused on audio-visual narratives shaped by digital environments and promoted through cutting-edge engagement strategies. As a consultant I have provided intelligence on films, TV series and brands, lectured and run workshops and masterclasses in Europe and UK. As a creative I have helped brands find and develop their voice, and communicate with their audiences. As a blogger I am always out there searching for the next big thing.

Make yourself at home while browsing my website.