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The New Website for Nei Dan, the School of Internal Martial Arts, Is Now Online

The year 2020 ended with an assignment in the field of writing for the web (in Italian) that I am doubly fond of. On the one hand, it is because I was involved as a copywriter/editor in a digital project for the martial arts and holistic disciplines sector, which has been a passion of mine for many years. On the other, because as a Taiji Quan and Qi Gong practitioner I have helped spread the word about the Method which is unique to the Nei Dan School, the internal martial arts school founded by Master Flavio Daniele, one of the most respected teachers in Italy.

Nei Dan School Home Page


The new Nei Dan School website, which was developed by Max Guglielmino of Cognita Design with the supervision of Marta Martina, allows to organise the huge amount of content that sat on the previous platform in a more effective way. It clearly presents the Nei Dan Method and training courses to current students and potential new practitioners. It also centralises the numerous resources (video-courses, books, in-depth articles, events) on a single platform; and it significantly improves the navigation experience for online users.

Nei Dan block 2

In addition, the site now includes an area dedicated to heartmind Lab, the international research network for the psycho-energetic and physical development of the person, made up of a team of scientists and scholars with the aim of combining the most advanced discoveries of Western science and the practices and sapiential paths of the ancient Far East. (Founded by Master Daniele with the scientific direction of Prof. Carlo Ventura, heartmind Lab was previously hosted at a stand-alone website).


My intervention was mainly aimed at rationalising the content, (re)writing and expanding the main sections in order to emphasise the specificities of the School, while avoiding dispersion and the risk of getting lost in the vertical insights about the many disciplines. Before starting the writing process proper it was necessary to find a tone of voice that could clearly convey concepts which may be complex to those who approach this world for the first time, while respecting the communication style of Master Daniele, a prolific writer of books and essays that are a reference in the field of internal martial arts.

Nei Dan block 1

A large section of the website is dedicated to the biographies of Masters and Instructors, which clearly identify the lineage of the Nei Dan School. Another, to the peculiarity of the Method distilled by Flavio Daniele in half a century of personal research, which combines teachings that derive from disciplines practised in China and India. Finally, another section is devoted to the local branches that the School has launched in over 25 years of activity, well represented by the training path and the personal stories of the teachers.


The website will soon be translated into English, so as to become, together with a regular programme of newsletters and the School’s social media activities, a point of reference for practitioners of Taiji Quan, Xin Yi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang also outside the Italian territory. 

All this writing about martial arts has made me want to deepen the Nei Gong (or “internal work”), one of the founding characteristics of the Nei Dan School Method. For this reason, I have signed up for the webinar that Master Daniele is holding on until May. 

Happy New Year and good practice everyone!