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Kevin Meul’s “My First Highway” Has Started Its Festival Run

The reason why I like follow-up posts is that, at least in my case, they add good news to good news. This one in particular is an update of an ongoing series focused on the release of TorinoFilmLab-supported films.

I read the first draft for Kevin Meul’s debut feature film My First Highway in 2012, when it was among the Script&Pitch selected project paired to the Audience Design Programme. I felt this story had a fresh perspective on teenage-on-the-road dramas: a coming-of-age story with a twisted side. Back then, Kevin himself laughingly used to refer to his projects as “a fucked-up fairytale” – a pretty captivating tagline, if you ask me.

Official poster for Kevin Meul's debut feature "My First Highway".

The film follows two teenagers, Benjamin and an intriguing Spanish girl whom he meets on vacation, who share a dramatic secret: she’s been raped and asks for his help to find the man who did it. The official trailer does a better service to the story than my words, so feel free to watch it here.

Meul, a Belgian filmmaker with a track record of several shorts, both wrote and directed My First Highway, which is produced by Fobic Films. The project was supported by TFL in its inception and last week had its world premiere in Belgium, at Film Fest Gent. With sales handled by Paris-based Premium Films, it will be screened in competition at Alice Nella Città, within Rome Film Festival, from today to Saturday (screening details can be found here).

Image from Kevin Meul's debut feature "My First Highway".

Enough said: best of luck to the team, and don’t be afraid to hit “like” on My First Highway official page on Facebook. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on the hashtags #TFLFilms and #TFLPeople on social media, to keep up-to-date on all the upcoming projects from TorinoFilmLab.