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Development and Distribution for the Film Industry: Maximizing the Impact Through Audience Design Tools

Here I am, waiting to board another plane to go back to London after three days in Poland. This time I’m writing a quick post from Gdańsk airport, on my way back from the 40th Gdynia Film Festival where I joined the TorinoFilmLab team and ran a masterclass in Audience Design with my colleague and TFL alumnus Juan Morali.

Poster for the 40th Gdynia Film Festival.

Slightly changing the angle from our previous presentation in Ghent, our talk was entitled “Development and Distribution for the Film Industry. Maximizing the Impact Through Audience Design Tools” and pretty much spoke for itself: we focused more on the other side of the spectrum of the life cycle of a film, that is the release and post-release.

TorinoFilmLab masterclass in Audience Design.

After delivering the masterclass we also joined this year’s Audience Design participants and brainstormed with them and the producers of the three films that have been awarded the TFL Distribution Fund, which is aimed at supporting innovative audience development strategies at the moment of distribution in three territories.

Caught in action: Juan Morali and I during the masterclass. Photo credits: TorinoFilmLab.

The projects could not have been more diverse, and once more I got the feeling of how creative the art-house/independent scene in Europe is. I really hope I will soon be able to update you on how successful these films are around the world. Two of them are still at different stages of post-production, so for the moment I recommend you keep an eye on Eva No Duerme, which is currently making the rounds on the circuit of international festivals. Director Pablo Agüero is a true visual talent and the story of what happened to the body of Eva Perón after her death is hard to believe, but absolutely true.