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About to Board: What’s Coming Next

I am writing this post from Gatwick airport, while waiting to board my plane. It’s not time for holidays yet, but I am relocating to Italy for the next 3 weeks for a mix of work and relaxation, which will include a well-deserved break made up of art, food and (hopefully) nice weather, ending with a pit stop in Belgium before coming back to the UK.

Bruce Nauman at Biennale Arte 2015

So this is just a quick update to make sure that, having been silent over the past couple of weeks, you don’t think that I have given up blogging. On the contrary, I was busy restyling my website, which is now (as you probably will have noticed) hosted at, and planning talks and workshops for the upcoming months. Some exciting events have already been confirmed and I’ll keep you posted.

What’s next for me then in August? A few days of hard work marking essays from students, sketching topics for lectures, organising workshops, researching and writing. In-between, I will visit the Venice Biennale, hike in the mountains of Trentino, and practice QiGong. Also, I have finally managed to buy Chris Kyle’s book American Sniper, which has been on my reading list for a while. Definitely expect a few lines about it on the blog.

I’ll stop here, time to board. Stay tuned and happy holidays!