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From “Mad Max” to Nikki Sixx and Back

By now I’m sure all of you have heard of Coma/The Doof Warrior and his flame-throwing guitar. In Mad Max: Fury Road this insanely awesome character with a creepy background story is portrayed by Australian musician iOTA.

Fans of the L.A.-based band Mötley Crüe immediately related to him, as they realised that the blind guitarist, who is part of Immortan Joe’s army in the film, had something in common to the group’s iconic bass player.

The Doof Warrior plays his riffs in "Mad Max: Fury Road".

If you are familiar with Mötley Crüe you know that Nikki Sixx is used to play with fire, as he customised his instrument to make sure he can perform on stage with the highest firepower possible. Literally. After Sixx posted a few photos on Instagram to acknowledge the resemblance to The Doof Warrior, fans immediately reacted commenting “Mad Max totally ripped off your flame throwing bass”.

Nikki Sixx shows his appreciation for "Mad Max".

Sixx went further and recently, during his show Sixx Sense, addressed the role the original Mad Max movies played on the early look of the band.

As far as The Doof Warrior is concerned, he appeared on screen only for a few moments but had such an impact that everyone is claiming for more. Given the fact that a sequel to Fury Road has already been announced by director George Miller, we just have to wait for Mad Max: The Wasteland to see if he will have the space he deserves in future instalments of the saga. In the meantime, you can learn how to play his riffs here.